Driver heads into flood water

A Houston TV reporter is getting praised Monday morning (April 18) after rescuing a man from floodwaters. The rescue was shown on live TV.

The man is one of at least 100 people who were rescued Monday morning, according to ABC 13 in Houston. Some areas have received up to 16 inches of rain, according to the Flood Control District in Harris County.

According to ABC 13 in Houston, reporter Steve Campion was reporting on the flooding on Studemont Street. The video shows a black Honda hatchback drive into a flooded street and immediately begin bobbing. The male driver, wearing glasses and a sports coat, opens the passenger-side door, jumps into the water and swims away from the sinking car.

In the video, Campion, with microphone in hand, is seen walking into the water to help the driver to safety. The video then shows the compact car completely submerged in the water.

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